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      Date: Apr 18, 2013
     Title: Social Security Benefits … When Should you File?
Can't work? File now!


People seeking Social Security Disability benefits must answer an important question: when should I file?

Here's the simple answer. Once you can no longer work, file immediately! If you believe your symptoms will prevent you from working for 12 months or more, file right away.

Here's why.

Consider this example. Let's say you decide today you can no longer work. You file for disability benefits tomorrow. Social Security takes two years to decide your claim. But when they eventually find you disabled, they pay for nearly all the time you have waited. That's nearly two years of benefits in one big check!

Now consider a second example. You decide today you can no longer work. But you wait five years to file. When Social Security grants benefits, they will NOT go back five years to today's date. They will go back one year from your filing date. Since you waited five years from now, you will lose FOUR YEARS worth of benefits. Big difference!

Here's another reason to file now. Old medical records are sometimes hard to obtain. Doctors move or change clinics. Trying to prove a disability many years old can prove challenging. By filing now, you can easily collect the evidence you need to win your claim.

So if you can't work, file right away. You'll reap the benefits!